Case Study: KPI Reconciliation and Report Automation for Health Insurance Underwriter

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The Client

  • The client is the third largest Danish health insurance underwriter with more than 200K individual policies.
  • It was acquired by a private equity firm and needed to significantly upgrade its internal reporting and analysis capabilities to support and drive rapid growth.

The Challenges

  • The firm was struggling to manage the complexity of multiple counterparties which included brokers, direct sales and other partnerships.
  • Data inconsistencies routinely prevented KPI reconciliation across divisions.
  • Incumbent reporting process consumed 5+ hours each week.
  • Manual data entry errors undermined reliability.

Solution Delivered

  • Reconciled key performance metrics across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Automated report building and accuracy check processes.
  • Designed and built a tech stack to include SQL, DAX, OLAP, Power BI and Excel.

Results & Benefits

  • Report creation time reduced from 5 hours a week to 5 minutes.
  • Enriched revenue forecasting to include client acquisition, growth and attrition rates.
  • More reliable cost estimates and budgeting for sales & marketing teams.