Our Data Science Consulting team creates a “Golden Data Source” for investors.

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Our Data Science & Advanced Analytics teams help alternative investors harness the full potential of their data.

The Equipped teams cleanse, reconcile and structure client data from disparate sources into a reconciled 'Golden Source'.

The team leverage technology, intelligent automation, including Artificial Intelligence and data science techniques to solve real business problems, surface actionable insights and accurately forecast future outcomes.

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Data Due Diligence

Ensure your data is fit for purpose and business-ready

Our Data Due Diligence service combines a deep understanding of data, technology and analytics to ensure our clients’ data is fit for purpose, ready to be consumed by the business and drives material future success.

Data Engineering

Centralize data from portfolio companies, underwriting models and third-party data in one place


Our team of data engineers & scientists are experts at converting raw, disparate data into a centralised, strategic asset. Once reconciled and structured, we can leverage this asset to create a competitive advantage, drive operational efficiency and improve investment performance.

Data Science and Predictive Modelling

Uncover critical insights to drive performance

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We use technology, data and advanced analytics to help our clients solve complex business problems, identify hidden patterns and meaningful trends and understand the past to predict the future. We do this through the application of machine learning techniques and statistical analysis, supplying our clients with sophisticated quantitative models and strategic tools.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Reconcile and model your cash positions in real time

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in helping alternative investors maximise the use and impact of data in granular cash flow modelling, sensitivity and scenario analysis across a wide variety of asset classes and jurisdictions.

Portfolio Analysis and Monitoring

Define, visualize and analyze your portfolio

Our dynamic dashboards and deep dive analysis allow our clients to easily slice and dice their data, understand the evolution of their portfolios, identify emerging trends, fully recognise the drivers behind operational performance indicators and make smart, informed decisions.

Operational Intelligence

Determine, measure and act on key business drivers

We use data, machine learning and statistical models to help our clients achieve a deep understanding of the drivers of performance, the emergence of trends, risks and opportunities while continuously innovating processes. The Equipped team understands that behind every operation and portfolio there are meaningful data insights that must be mined and acted upon to drive superior returns.