Impact Investors: Minerva for Impact Investors

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Minerva provides an all-in-one, fully customisable platform built for the specific needs of Impact Investors. A scalable solution, creating a single source of the truth with advanced portfolio monitoring and ESG reporting tools.

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Data Engineering

Centralize data from portfolio companies, underwriting models and third-party data in one place

Our team of data engineers & scientists are experts at converting raw, disparate data into a centralised, strategic asset. Once reconciled and structured, we can leverage this asset to create a competitive advantage, drive operational efficiency and improve investment performance.

Portfolio Analysis and Monitoring

Define, visualize and analyze your portfolio

Our dynamic dashboards and deep dive analysis allow our clients to easily slice and dice their data, understand the evolution of their portfolios, identify emerging trends, fully recognise the drivers behind operational performance indicators and make smart, informed decisions.

ESG & Compliance

Generate ESG scorecards and compliance reports on demand or by schedule

Seamlessly fulfil ESG and compliance obligations using Minerva’s purpose-built workflows. Build ESG scorecards and monitor portfolio risk profiles. Capture and approve personal account dealings and maintain deal insider lists. Automatically generate and effortlessly adjust employee trading stop-lists based on your M&A pipeline.