Case Study: End-to-end, front-office workflow, dashboarding, reporting software suite

The Client

  • The client is a London based mid-market private investor in both equity and credit.
  • The firm has 50+ investment professionals across 7 offices in Europe and Asia including Milan, Madrid, Lisbon, Luxembourg, New Delhi and Mumbai.

The Challenges

  • Managing a highly active M&A pipeline, both for primary investments and bolt-on opportunities
  • Dealing with a broad spectrum of reporting capabilities and different reporting standards.
  • Tracking leverage manually
  • Many key documents getting lost in mailboxes
  • Poor discipline in Investment Committees
  • Fund reporting and internal reporting

Solution Delivered

  • Provided Minerva’s straightforward and flexible data capture system for portfolio monitoring.
  • Configured Minerva’s powerful pipeline management tools with custom fields and workflows.
  • Designed customised dashboards and reporting, matching the client’s own reporting formats and structure.
  • Built workflows to track financing solutions and monitor covenants for those in place.
  • Deployed Minerva’s and self-policing investment committee workflow, allowing the client to sharpen discipline across the firm.
  • Fully automated the client’s fund reporting and internal monthly reporting.

Results & Benefits

  • Analytics of newly structured data sets allowed for pricing sensitivity and credit risk segmentation of portfolio.
  • Operational KPIs and model assumption could be easily monitored via Minerva which lead to informed and timely decision making.
  • Monthly data reconciliation time reduced from 2+ days to less than 2 hours.