Non-Performing Loans & Granular Credit: Enhance returns through actionable insights

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Improve non-performing loan portfolio performance by consolidating & cleaning disparate data scources into a single platform that provides interactive portfolio dashboards & commerical, actionable insights at the touch of a button.

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Automation Technology

Technology layer driving automation/standardization

Centralize your Data


Leverage cloud technology to aggregate data from disparate sources into an easily accessible data warehouse

Automate Workflows

Automate data processes to clean, organize and standardize data

Implement a QA Framework

Implement data quality processes to proactively identify, document and resolve issues

Publish on a BI Platform

Automatically update dashboards and distribute reports, creating one source of the truth

Reconciliation and Anchor Points

Rigorous reconciliation processes and clear anchor points

Establish One Perimeter

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Establish a definitive perimeter and data points for the purchased portfolio

Reconcile with Cash in Bank

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Triangulate and reconcile key performance metrics, collections and expenses, back to the underwritten perimeter, summary reports and bank statements.

Proactive Servicer Engagement

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Disciplined project management, online ticket system, variance reporting and proactive servicer engagement to effectively manage priorities.