Case Study: Design and Build of Front-Office Credit Monitoring Dashboards

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The Client

  • The client is a UK-based financial sector specialist that invests opportunistically across consumer, real estate, SME and corporate debt.
  • They have raised more than €2.6bn and invested in 11 European countries.
  • The firm has made more than 80 primary investments and operates out of 7 European offices.

The Challenges

  • Multi-class and language portfolio companies lead to inconsistent terminology and reporting formats.
  • Third party loan servicers submissions on were difficult to reconcile with receipts and often required days of back-and-forth to resolve data issues each month.
  • Manual data entry was both time consuming and prone to human error.

Solution Delivered

  • Disparate data feeds defined and mapped to establish a robust, standard reporting process that was repeatable and error free.
  • Tightened co-ordination with loan servicers to establish data templates and uniform accounting definitions.
  • Automated load and data validation process to eliminate manual entry.
  • Built bespoke dashboards for the entire portfolio on the cloud-based Minerva software.

Results & Benefits

  • Analytics of newly structured data sets allowed for pricing sensitivity and credit risk segmentation of portfolio.
  • Operational KPIs and model assumption could be easily monitored via Minerva which lead to informed and timely decision making.
  • Monthly data reconciliation time reduced from 2+ days to less than 2 hours.