Case Study: SME Loan Dashboards with Embedded Calculation Engines

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The Client

  • The client provides secured debt financing solutions up to £100m to UK and European mid-market businesses.
  • Their product range across the capital structure includes term loans, structured debt, hybrid ABL + cash flow and bridging finance, on a senior, junior and mezzanine basis.

The Challenges

  • The firm tracked each loan in separate excel files which was prone to human error and began to scale negatively.
  • Excessive manpower required to produce borrower notices, track payments and (re)calculate balances.
  • Monthly internal management reports took hours to create across several team members and were an exercise of cutting-and-pasting from disparate excel sheets.
  • Borrowers regularly contacted the client for current account balances and upcoming payments.

Solution Delivered

  • Granular loan dashboards hosted on Equipped’s cloud-based proprietary software, Minerva.
  • Design, build and maintenance of cloud-based cash data warehouse, including KPI engine to update loan amortisation schedules based on payments received and/or changes to underlying interest rates.
  • Secure 2-factor authentication access for borrower to upload monthly covenant documents and view outstanding balances, capital position and upcoming payment schedules.
  • Full audit trail for changes made in the system.

Results & Benefits

  • Centralised loan tracking dashboards that include underlying calculation engines, outstanding balances, payments due and received, fees and IRR calculations.
  • Inbound borrower enquiries dramatically reduced as a result of automated email notifications and web portal utilisation.
  • Data quality issues/inconsistencies addressed with real-time automated QA processes and notifications.