The Client

  • The client is a pan-European granular credit investor with strategies across performing and non-performing consumer, SME and corporate debt.
  • The firm also has exposure to structured credit and real estate.

The Challenges

  • Difficulty identifying drivers of performance within their PL & NPL portfolios.
  • Struggle to monitor, manage and challenge operational activities of servicing and operating partners.
  • No quick and easy way to identify outliers and legal evolution of portfolios.

Solution Delivered

  • Designed and created a suite of interactive, deep-dive portfolio monitoring dashboards and operational tracking tools.
  • Surfaced the drivers of portfolio performance and correlated these directly with servicing and operating partners’ activity.
  • New collection strategies were derived from data cleansing and analysis that optimized performance and enabled swift, proactive intervention.

Results & Benefits

  • Timely, accurate and meaningful performance metrics could be surfaced with the touch of a button.
  • The asset management team was able to drill down into key portfolio segments, emerging trends, breakages in payment plans and other deviations from core assumptions.
  • Automatic identification of outlier cases enabled the team to productively engage with servicing and operating partners, revise tactics and ultimately drive incremental collections.