Experienced DevOps Engineer who is ideally a good programmer and have knowledge of wide variety of open source technologies and tools. DevOps Engineer will drive the automation of multiple parts of infrastructure and deployment systems, striving to improve and shorten processes to enable engineering and operations teams work smarter and faster. Design and develop infrastructure interfaces for complex business applications. Contribute ideas for improvements in DevOps practices, delivering innovation through automation.

  • Experienced in scripting languages: Python, Ant, Bash and Shell
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in using CI tools like Jenkins, TeamCity etc.; Build tools (Ant, Maven, Make, Gradle); SCM (TFS, GIT, ClearCase)
  • Configuration and managing databases such as SQL Server, Cosmos DB, Graph DB
  • Experience in handling and management of Azure DevOps repos and pipeline
  • Experience in integration of security and vulnerabilities tools like webinspect, checkmarx, sonar etc. on build pipelines
  • Extensive experience with TFS / Git like distributed version control systems and their use in release management, branching, merging, and integration strategies
Location Noida, India
Apply By 30 April


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